About Us

You Make Us Tick

The OFG philosophy is all about supporting businesses as part of ‘your alternative board’. With more than 100 years experience of growing businesses from the board room to the sharp end, we have learned a thing or two. You can trust us to deliver those non-core areas that are holding your business back

You know how it is. You get into the office full of energy to focus on the core business that drives your passion, when you are hit from left side with non-core challenges that must be met. Data Protection compliance legislation, the Apprentice Levy, supplier disputes, industry association/regulator requirements, cash flow & debtor days, change & transformation tasks, market forces, legacy systems and everything else. That’s where we come in

Becoming a member of OFG opens up a whole new world of support that removes the pain by taking care of those non-core areas and supporting businesses with sustainable growth ambitions. A simple mouse click here gets you started

Our Key Boardroom Support Areas

People Development

Growing Sales and New Markets

Risk Mitigation

Cost Efficiencies and Margins

Creating Customer Added Value

Retaining Customers

Data Protection and Legislation Compliance

Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

From membership benefits to a deep dive into the areas that are holding your business back, with more than 100 years boardroom experience, we can support you to build the infrastructure for the future. We like to be tested and look forward to hearing from you