Our services are simple and at three levels:

Membership opens a wide array of opportunities from receiving the latest relevant business newsletter updates, through sharing problem solving best practice case studies, through to support and guidance through the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements

Accreditation is a good way for a business to assure standards, strategy delivery, the right behaviours and of course….to demonstrate compliance. Courses have been designed around our customers with tutor led interactive Webinar or classroom sessions. Externally recognised company accreditation and qualifications have been shown to be highly motivational for employees. There is also an emphasis on ensuring the points learned are cascaded through the organisation

Deep Dive Risk Analysis takes the end-to-end processes of an organisation along a risk analysis filter to create a gap plan. This reflects the current state and desired state, along with the recommendations for an organisation to realise its ambitions. The output is designed to be practical and reflect employee engagement at each stage. The recommendations can be delivered by the company itself, in a Do It Yourself way or through the OFG team

Our Value Membership

Membership of OFG provides many benefits including a significant time and financial return on investment (ROI) opportunity. It also gives complete peace of mind that you are a part of a progressive and supportive community

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OFG Approved Accreditation

OFG is excited to demonstrate the competence of its support and advice on all business matters, passing on the benefits to our customers through accreditation. Our rich resource of experience, knowledge and know-how is available in the form of modular programmes, leading to better business efficiency and accomplishments. Most importantly this saves your business time, stress and money as well as making your organisation even more appealing to your customer. Now that’s a call to action!

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Deep Dive Risk Analysis

An audit of current practice versus enhancements to achieve your desired goals. This Deep Dive bespoke service is designed to identify opportunities and to provide recommendations for improving key delivery areas. The benefit will lead to a more robust and lean business giving significant return on investment and moreover enhancing your customer’s interaction with you

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From membership benefits to a deep dive into the areas that are holding your business back, with more than 100 years boardroom experience, we can support you to build the infrastructure for the future. We like to be tested and look forward to hearing from you