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After 6 months of preparation, trialing and research, OFG Limited is proud to formally launch with a mission to support companies as ‘Your Alternative Board.’ It’s about taking care of those things that are non-core and holding your business back

A fabulous day at the Royal Institution, where we launched OFG Limited, as part of the Winning In The Boardroom event.

From the same desk that the likes of Michael Faraday demonstrated some of his amazing inventions, an audience of 230 Non-Executive directors listened intently as they heard about our ‘your alternative board’ propositions.

We were delighted that so many asked us to follow-up with them on how to become an OFG member and be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready. We guide you through for just £49 per month + VAT.

This isn’t profit making. It’s to support fellow businesses through what are often non-core requirements.

A huge ‘thank you’ to the customers who trialled the service to get it right for others.

Come and join us.